“Translating Evidence based Knowledge to Clinical Nutrition Practice”


The update focus to help attendees

  • learn to demonstrate the value of nutrition intervention through meaningful metrics
  • stay abreast of current trends and skills needed for advanced practice, from novice through expert

In addition to general and concurrent adult and paediatric sessions, there will be opportunities to network with other healthcare leaders, and visit vendor display.


Sharing Clinical Nutrition Knowledge vertical is a vital action point in our road map to success. The Clinical Nutrition Update is an annual event, which addresses aspects of patient care at hospitals and also that of hospital-based nutritional intervention. There is ample evidence that a team approach to nutritional intervention in the hospitalized patient has a beneficial effect on patient outcome. Hence, in the Scientific Programme of the Updates, Doctors and Dietitians together as a team address medical and nutritional requirements of different clinical conditions. The event faculty includes distinguished National and International Physicians, Surgeons, Paediatricians, Intensivists, and Clinical Dietitians, who are well-known nationally or internationally for their contribution to Clinical Nutrition.

In an advancing medical landscape, Dietitians play a greater role than ever before and therefore it is critical that they continuously stay abreast of global trends and development in the field. The main objective of the updates was to have an impact on the knowledge base of the practicing Dietitians to meet the ever-increasing and changing demands on their expertise which is an important factor influencing their professional growth.

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Some of the interesting topics so far covered during these updates include Nutrition planning during Solid organ transplants, Inborn errors of metabolism, Critically ill patients, kidney diseases, Chemo and radio therapy, Bariatric procedures.

The first Clinical Nutrition Update was initiated in the year 2009 at Chennai, only for the Apollo Group Dietitians for standardizing the processes and to roll out the group initiatives.

1st Apollo Clinical Nutrition Update 2009, Chennai

2nd Apollo Clinical Nutrition Update 2010, Chennai

3rd Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2011, New Delhi

4th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2012, Kolkata

5th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2013, Hyderabad

6th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2014, Bangalore

7th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2015, Ahmedabad

8th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2016, Colombo, Srilanka

9th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2017, Mumbai


10th Apollo International Clinical Nutrition Update 2018, Chennai, India

The first nine conferences were each a sell-out success with an average of 300 – 600 delegates in attendance. Invited speakers, delegates, and sponsors have all confirmed that this is a unique and world-class international meeting bringing together the medical, nutrition and scientific communities to explore the clinical application of the latest in nutritional and medical science.